Seattle Heritage Emergency Response Network (SHERN)

SHERN helps archives, historical societies, libraries, museums, and other heritage organizations in Seattle to respond to emergencies and disasters affecting cultural resources and collections.

SHERN members help each other by providing advice, support and/or actual recovery assistance. Membership in the Network constitutes a commitment by an organization to make disaster preparedness and staff training an administrative priority.

SHERN organized in 2010 and had its beginnings in the 2006 Seattle Alliance for Response Forum and WESTPAS workshops. SHERN has adapted the model mutual aid agreement and model mission statement developed by Washington’s Connecting to Collections Work Group on Collaborative Disaster Planning in 2009.

Chairperson: Siri E. Linz, Burke Museum, 2022-2023
Vice-Chairperson/Treasurer: Kaia Wahmanholm, National Nordic Museum, 2022-2023
Secretary: Sarah Frederick, Museum of Flight, 2022-2023